Add Tag to Multi-select

Add a new Multi-select option to existing entries with different selections.

Posted Jan 21, 2020
Updated Jun 25, 2021
  1. Create a new Select property and add the new tag to that, then assign it to all of the entries that require it.
  2. Create a formula property and add the following: prop("Existing Tags Property Name") + "," + prop("New Tag Property Name") — this will output a comma-separated list of the existing tags with the new tag added to the end.
  3. Click and drag to select all of the cells in the formula column, then copy them.
  4. Change the existing Multi-select tag property to a Text property. This will convert it to a comma-separated list of tags.
  5. Click and drag to select all the cells in the tag column, then paste.
  6. Change the tag Text property back to a Multi-select one.

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