Quick Entry with Shortcuts

Set up a simple shortcut to quickly add a new database page using a widget or Siri.

Posted May 26, 2021

Create Notion Integration

  1. Visit notion.so/my-integrations, logging in to Notion if required.
  2. Click on the New Integration button and enter the following information.
    • Name: Shortcuts
    • Logo: you can leave this blank.
    • Associated Workspace: select the workspace you'll be adding the integration to.
  3. Click Submit and keep the next page handy so you can easily grab your Internal Integration Token later.

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Set Up Notion Database

Create a new Notes database or similar in your workspace, or go to an existing database you wish to link the shortcut to. Click on the Share button in the top right, then Invite, and select the Shortcuts integration you created above, leaving its permissions as Can edit. From the same Share menu, click the Copy link button. Paste this link somewhere and make note of the section between the last / and the ?. This is the database's ID and will be added to the shortcut later.

  • www.notion.so/bensomething/8c324a26348843d4800ba9b4afe68608?v=1208f3a058ed46b89ce948624225f490

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Create Shortcut

Open the Shortcuts app and tap on the + button in the top right. Tap on the ••• then rename the shortcut to Notion Note (or similar), select an icon, then tap Done.
Note: you will use this new name to invoke the shortcut through Siri.
Add an Ask for input action with the following. The prompt can be whatever you'd like.

  • Ask for Text with What's on your mind?

Add a Text action with the following.


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